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Dark Universe: Part I


The cashier man handed me my ticket and I boarded the bus heading to the capital at 5.00 o`clock in the morning .I took the seat next to the window so I wouldn’t feel nauseated. I was over excited about presenting my project in the annual fair whose theme was promoting and improving social and community based welfares and if I qualified, the company would offer me an opportunity to work for their company or farther my studies abroad. Job opportunities in my country, Ratemo were scarce and many qualified students spent years searching for jobs even after graduating with their first or second degree without any breakthrough so when I saw the advertisement online as I was applying for job vacancies, I did not hesitate to try it out, maybe then I would get the chance to change the life of thousands in my community.

My best friend Silla had presented her project on engineering innovations a year before and she had won a fully paid scholarship to study Mechanical engineering her dream career since we were in highschool.She had played a big role in convincing and encouraging me that it was possible to get nominated in the fair and with all the corruption and rates of unemployment in Ratemo, everyone would take a chance of having a better life. It had been a tough journey for me as well.8 months had passed since I completed my first degree in community development in one of the universities in the country, I thought I would secure employment immediately since the course was marketable with many non-organisational companies supporting community based projects but that was still a dream waiting to happen. I was in the venue by 8.00 o’clock and the place was packed to capacity, luxurious cars lined up in the parking area, I could tell high dignitaries were in attendance. It was therefore not going to be an easy competition as people who looked younger or about my age walked inside the venue in groups carrying big boards and envelopes each carrying their projects. With the large number of contestants, I wasn’t sure of myself anymore .I imagined the stiff competition ahead as I registered my name and thereafter found a perfect position to sit and wait for the presentations to begin. More tents and stands were still being set up. There were seven different companies and one had to present their work to each then they would decide whether one was qualified. I was among the first people to present my project since I had arrived earlier. I spoke with passion about  my community especially the dangers we faced every time we encountered inter community clashes where innocent lives were lost and hundreds of livestock stolen, the struggles girls went through in the hands of  their parents who still held dear harmful traditions like female genital mutilation and marrying off their school girls to older men just so they could acquire immense wealth at the expense of their children’s future which  forced them to drop out of school and become mothers at an early age. Having come from a marginalized community it was easier to come up with long lasting solutions which included peace and reconciliation methods and awareness on the need to educate the girl child but all this needed power for it to be effective and  only if we were given the necessary support and equal opportunities like all other communities and with that, I was done with my presentation after which everyone applaused.I knew I had done my best and the judges too from the look in their eyes seemed pleased with my presentation. It was a tough task, I stepped out to get fresh air and visit other tents to get a glimpse of the exhibits being show cased. I knew every company would support at least one project and I hoped to be among the chosen few. I was lost in thoughts when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned with an annoyed attitude ready to curse and give the ill-mannered human a piece of my mind but I ended up biting my lips to stop myself from uttering a word and faking a smile. It was the CEO of Flying eagle’s one of the companies offering contestants scholarships, he had introduced himself at the hall before the presentations began. I was dumbfounded when he stretched his hand to greet me; his company was one of the most famous in Ratemo. I had seen him on television most times and billboards having won several awards for being the most influential person in changing people’s lives and helping them achieve their goals and now he was personally talking to me? If at all I had qualified, he simply could have sent me an email so I wondered what was so urgent. He shook my hand smiling. “That was a brilliant presentation I liked it, but since the judges haven’t decided you might want to come to my office tomorrow so we can discuss your project farther.” He went ahead and gave me his card with his office address and his phone contact, before walking away. I could not believe my eyes, was my presentation that good and what if other companies were interested in helping me too? I couldn’t wait to get home and video call Silla and tell her the events of the day and that Mr Princewill the CEO had personally approached and invited me to his office to discuss the way forward for my project. I spend the night at my aunt’s place so I couldn’t be late for the meeting. I put on a well-fitting black dress that I had bought recently for an upcoming job interview and some pink high heeled shoes that matched my handbag. I applied a little mascara and red lipstick which I rarely did but for this special day, I had to look very presentable. I took a taxi and alighted at the exact office address written in the card.They had to confirm if I was in the appointment list before letting me in.”The boss has been waiting for you miss”….

To be continued…

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What if?

I look at myself in the mirror
Keep staring in disbelief
I try hide it but,
But the glow is so bright that even darkness is scared of it
A smile confidently cracks my lips unapologetically
I can’t remember the last time I was genuinely happy

Quick flashback
Remember the first chats we had
Just use of emojis and one word sentences
The links you kept sending to my inbox yet they never gave me the connection
The blue ticks and replies that turned my gray sky blue
A mixture of emotions that was calmed down with passion and affection
Remember the first meeting
The first meeting was in a midst of a serene environment
I kept staring at you because your all time programmed smiling lips sent a signal to mine and defaulted them to smile

Remember when you first held my hands
I was so much at peace
You are my white dove, my long lost solace
Remember when you first told me you love me
I never replied even though I wanted so much to
You noticed something was a mess before I even told you
Maybe we connected through the links, or holding hands … Really can’t tell
Just then, I told you am a poet
And poets’ backbone is what ifs
What if what we share isn’t real
What if this breaks me more than am already broken
What if this destroys my soul and turns me cold
What if all these end in tears
What if my connection to you is just supported by a Wi-Fi and its weakness breaks us
What if this is just but a script for one of your movie script or my stage plays
What if am not good enough?
What if …
You kissed the worries away and assured me your love
I found you
I found love
Now more than ever
I feel alive
Am just a poet in love
Thank you for being the angel that conquered my demons
I love you

© Bibiana

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Bella ciao – Goodbye Beautiful

Lebanon cries,
_Oh Bela ciao,_
_Bela ciao_
_Bela ciao,_
Goodbye beautiful,
Goodbye beautiful.

Now look at Nairobi,
She is in shackles,
_Oh Bela ciao,_

The earth shakes,
Goobye beautiful,
Now armargedon awaits,
The drumsets roll,
_Oh Bela ciao,_
_Bela ciao_
_Bela ciao,_
Her beauty fades.

Bye bye beautiful,
Good bye beautiful,
_Oh Bela ciao,_
_Bela ciao_
_Bela ciao,_
Darkness looms,
God where are you?

_Oh Bela ciao,_
_Bela ciao_
_Bela ciao,_
Catastrophy smiles,

_Oh Bela ciao,_
_Bela ciao_
_Bela ciao,_
Truly the end is near.

The holy Vatican sings,
_Oh Bela ciao,_
_Bela ciao_
_Bela ciao,_
Look, she has given up already,
But will The David’s city agree,
When her child come to be?

_Oh Bela ciao,_
_Bela ciao_
_Bela ciao,_
Is an uplouded tune,
Many are worried,
Is it time?
Goodbye beautiful
Bye bye beautiful.
Look ,be safe,
Be on the watch.

_Oh Bela ciao,_
_Bela ciao_
_Bela ciao,_

_Oh Bela ciao,_
_Bela ciao_
_Bela ciao,_

_Oh Bela ciao,_
_Bela ciao_
_Bela ciao,_

The whole world,
Byebye beautiful,
_Oh Bela ciao,_
_Bela ciao_
_Bela ciao,_

©Hurmphrey the poet
*The words blacksmith*

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Je Upo Tayari?

Kwa dakika chache tu,
Chozi laweza tiwa jonzi,
Ubabe, laweza pakwa upweke,
Tabasamu ,kabadilika kuwa, maumivu,
Je wewe upo tayari?

Kwa dakika chache tu,
Kiza laweza meza mwangaza,
Ulimwengu uwe jivu,
Walimwengu, wayatazamiye makaburi.

Kwa dakika chache tu,
Kipofu anaweza ona,
Kiziwi kusikika,
Na yule kilema,Kutembea,
Lakini je,wewe upo tayari?

Ona sasa wanalebanoni,
Jana adhuhuri, walicheka,
Alasiri leo wote watu wanalia?
Je upo tayari?

Kwa  dakika chache tu,
Waweza zaliwa,
Pia na ufe,
Kwani yategemea,
Maisha yako, yapo wapi?
Waweza lala,
Ukose kuamka,
Je upo tayari?

Kwa dakika chache,
Aliye asi dunia ,
Naye ‘takuja,
Aliye mkuu wa dunia,
‘tawachagua walio wake.
Lakini je ,upo tayari.

@Hurmphrey Mshairi

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Favorite cousin
Sweet sister
Hunk brother
Handsome step brother
Where we find comfort

Comfortable around our own
Free to share our dirtiest little secrets
And play the big people games
Family gatherings make up for lost time
We get lost only to come back high and drunk

Light that blunt
Play truth or dare
Touch each others erogenous zones
Jump into the sheets
Blame it on alcohol and evil

Bread eaten in secret is sweet
Charity begins at home
Experience is the best teacher
All the best quotes misquoted
Enjoy your youth, make merry

Now we are apart, far away
Grown and married
Ashamed of our past mistakes
We promise to keep it off our heads
But it’s here to stay, we lost purity to our own



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Before she was queen
Before she was Esther
Before she was hope for Jews
She was just that, Hadassah
She was only a beautiful girl
She was only the brave young girl
What about you being the queen?
Why are you still settling for less?
Do you have a king?
Has he promised you the whole world?
Do you deserve that queen treatment?
Stop waiting and take the opportunity
Be the saviour to your generation
Stand for all your people
Both through prayers and godliness
Lead your lot in the most moral path
You are the queen little sis
Take the crown and save this generation.


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Pangs of the broth

Time a bomb,
tick tock to the end,
me am lost,
I cried to my death,
walk I walk,
hunger pangs zero broth,
big they are,
they kill freeze like frost,
ice my heart,
I killed myself in my past
savage I am,
till I breathe my far last.

A world with no sun,
world I live,
my skin tone my heart color,
me men made,
echoes like walls of Jericho,
boy am crippled,
a smile behind the tears,
way of life,
no religion I believe in,
God am deserted